Golden Temple Vellore

Golden Temple Vellore, also known as Srilakshmi Golden Temple, is a spiritual centre, located in Siripuram village in Vellore, Tamil Nadu. This temple is relatively a new temple inaugurated on 15th August 2007, dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi. This temple is built on 100 acre land, and constructed in 1500 kilogram of pure gold. This temple is maintained by Sri Narayani Peetham, Vellore, lead by religious Guru Sakthi Amma. The temple has been set on a star shaped compartment, the main temple being in water. The idol of Goddess Lakshmi in the main temple is made in pure gold of 70 kg. 

Darshan - There are two types of darshan available at the temple entrance. One is general one, which is obviously free. The other one is paid entry, which costs Rs.250/- per person. If you have some time to wait it is better to wait for the free entry. If you are short of time it is better to opt for paid entry. However, both the types of people have to walk a distance of about 3 kms. to reach the main temple and see the deity.  While walking, you will see a number of message boards written in Tamil, English, Hindi, Kannada and Telugu. These are spiritual messages and as you walk through these star shaped pathways, which are well covered,  you can read them comfortably and you won't know the distance and won't feel too tired. 

Golden temple Vellore

For taking the paid ticket entry, you get -

a) Quick entry, with 2-5 minutes time to sit and watch before the idol while doing the puja.

b) Prasadam in a cover

c) The booklet about the temple

d) A wall calendar with the pictures of Goddess Lakshmi

e) A photo of the goddess

Golden Temple Vellore -
Things to Remember Before Visiting

Photography is strictly prohibited at the Golden Temple Vellore. Security checking is there at the entrance. From the main road, we will be able to click the photograph of only the main gate. From outside, the temple cannot be seen. If you have carried any of your electronic gadgets you will be requested to deposit it in the deposit counter, and are not allowed to take inside. 

Another point to be remembered is that on your return from the main sanctorum, you will be walking through the various souvenir shops (no other way to skip them), but if you are not interested in buying anything you can just pass through them without making any purchase. 

Dress code: For women, any decent wear like sari or salwar kammeez are okay. No short pants, midis etc are allowed. 

More information about the temple here.

Nearby Places of Tourist interest:

After visiting this temple, if you have time you can visit Vellore Fort where you can also see Jalakandeswara Temple and Govt Museum.  Another important temple is Margabandheshwarar temple.

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