Jalakandeswarar Temple Vellore

Jalakandeswarar Temple Vellore is an ancient temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva,  located inside Vellore Fort in Vellore District of Tamil Nadu.  It is under  the control of Archaeological Survey of India. It was constructed by Vijayanagar rulers. The temple has a huge gopuram with exquisite carvings, stunning monoliths and sculptures and large wooden gates. The stone pillars are richly carved. Lord  Shiva is  known here as Jalakandeswarar (which means the God lives in water) in Shivalingam. His consort is known here as Akilandeswari Amman.  Inside the temple, there is a Kalyana Mandapam which is a gem of architecture in embellishments and the art motifs of the pillars, showing the glory of Vijayanagar Kingdom. 

Jalakandeswarar temple

The temple has two courtyards and has a main shrine with a closed path around it and a number of sub-shrines. Inside the Garbha griha, main deity Jalakandeswarar is seen in the form of Shivalinga. Goddess Sri Akilandeswari Amman is seen in separate sanctum in the inner enclosure of the temple. To the outer walls of Amman sanctum one can get the darshan of Vinayaka, Madeswari, Vaishnavi, Varahi, Lakshmi and Saraswathi. There is also a Nandi statue in front, facing Sri Jalakandeswarar sanctum. 

Jalakandeswarar temple architecture

Legends of Jalakandeswarar Temple Vellore

Athri muni had installed a Siva Lingam in this place and worshipped it. After he left, without proper maintenance the Siva Lingam in the temple was covered by a huge ant-hill.surrounded by water. King Bommi Reddy who ruled this place had a dream. Lord Shiva came in his dream and told him to build a temple where a Shivalinga was installed. Accordingly, the king built a temple there and installed the Shivalinga  in 14th century. Hence it got the name Jalakandeswarar temple. It was during the reign of Vijayanagara Kings. 

The inner enclosure of the temple and the inner fort were built by the Sambuvaraya during the 14th century, while the sprawling outer enclosure, the exquisite kalyana mandapa and the vasantha mandapa were built during the reign of Vijayanagara king, Sadasivadeva Maharaya (1540 to 1572 CE).

Jalakandeswarar temple theertham
Jalakandeswarar temple architecture

During the Mugal period, devotees out of fear shifted the Shivalingam to Sathuvacheri and for a very long time there was no deity in this temple. Shivalingam was shifted back to the temple and installed it again on 16th March 1981. 

Festivals -

Chitra Poornima (10 days) - April-May

Surasamharam - Oct-Nov

Aadi Posoram (10 days) - July-August

Vinayaka Chathurthi - August-September

Navaraathri - September-October

Timings  -

6.30 am to 1 pm and 5 pm to 8 pm.

Address -

Jalakandeswarar Temple
Vellore Fort, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632001

Phone - 04162223412 / 222 1229

How to reach there -

The temple is 3 kms away from Vellore Bus stand and 8 kms from Katpadi railway station.  

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