Tourist Places in South India 

Tourist Places in South India  - South India is an enchanting land of many ancient cultures and heritage, and sun drenched sand and sea, in the southern tip of the country, lapped by Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal. There are many things to do and see here and hence travel to South India for your best family vacation destinations.   See the Maps of Southern India

The main states belong to this part of the country are Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Tamilnadu including Pondicherry. (The State of Andhra Pradesh was divided into two states -  Andhra Pradesh and Telangana  -  on 2nd June 2014.)  Since the visitors come all the way here they also visit Goa, which is very nearer to these states. 

The Main Attractions - 
Tourist Places in South India 

South India is gifted with many enchanting places like beautiful backwaters, cooling hill stations, wild life sanctuaries, water falls and lakes,  historical monuments, information on healthy life style and more. Because of these gifts, you can visit these States to see the best tourist places in  South India . 

Even young couple find this place as one of the best places to get married and enjoy their honeymoon here. Whatever age group you belong to, this amazing land has a lot to offer to the visitors who come from abroad or from other parts of the country. Each state is unique in culture, food, festivals, customs and rituals. Kerala, one of the States of South India, won UNWTO  (United Nations World Tourism Organization) Award for excellence in Tourism, which was presented on January 22, 2014 at Madrid. It is the first time India has won such a recognition. Also Kerala state is blessed with natural endowments like swaying palms, tranquil backwaters and rollicking beaches and Kerala bags award for 'Best Honeymoon Destination' in 2019. 

It is not possible to experience everything in one visit, or on few visits. But you can experience at least a flavor of this enchanting land in a single visit. If you want to get to the heart and soul of this fabled land where you can have an unforgettable vacation, come and explore this site, where more and more details will be added frequently. You may bookmark this site for your easy access, to know more about the best family vacation destinations in this part of our country.

Enjoying a vacation in this picturesque land would be an unforgettable experience. When compared to many other countries you can have a cheap family vacation here. 

 As a native, I will help you learn more about this culture rich land.

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