Lalbagh Flower Show Bangalore

Lalbagh flower show is held at Lalbagh, Bangalore, which is spread over 240 acres of land. It   is famous for its  Flower show which attracts lakhs of people biannually. Lalbagh is a botanical garden located in the heart of Bengaluru city. It is home for serial  varieties of flora and fauna.  

Construction of this park was started in 1760 during the reign of Hyder Ali as a private park in 40 acres, and later his son Tipu Sultan expanded it with adding horticulture into it and completed the work, with the design used in Mughal gardens.  Many of the plant species are imported from different countries which helped in gaining its popularity. 

The Park was declared a botanical garden in 1856 during British Empire. 

What to see in Lalbagh Bangalore and at Lalbagh Flower Show

  • Many types of plants and flowers can be seen here. 
  • Myna, common egrets, and parakeets are some of the bird species found here. 
  • Children can see and feed the deers in the deer park. 
  • There is an aquarium, which will be of great interest for the kids.
  • There is also a small temple atop the hill and the visitors can pay a visit here and sit and enjoy on the rocks.   
  • Another important thing to see is a flower clock inside the garden that works on the electronic quartz mechanism. The dial of the clock is about 7 meters in diameter, beautifully decorated with flowers. 
  • Apart from the usual lake, there is also a lotus lake inside the garden. 
  • The Lalbagh Rock is dated and reported to 3,000 million years, making it one of the oldest rock formations on the planet.  The rock was designated by Geological Survey of India and is one of the peninsular gneissic rocks.
  • Every year in the month of June, a mango mela is held here and different varieties of mangoes are sold.
  • Every year,  two flower shows are held here - one in January during Republic Day and in August during Independence Day.    These flower shows were earlier known as summer and winter flower shows. 

Lalbagh Flower Show 

Garden City's famous flower show (Lalbagh Flower Show) is held biannually at the Lalbagh Botanical Garden Glass House. This year's new attractions for the kids at the flower show are dinosaurs,(made up of 50,000 flowers) deers, elephants, mermaids, teddy bears, fish, rabbits etc. made of different varieties of flowers.

lalbagh flower show
lalbagh flower show
lalbagh flower show
lalbagh flower show
lalbagh flower show
lalbagh flower show

During these flower shows, the various stalls inside are stocked with plants and seeds of many varieties for sale. Refreshments are also available during this time. Garden lovers can also buy gardening tools and equipment during this time. 

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