Best Amusement Parks in Chennai 

There are many  Amusement Parks in Chennai and Theme Parks where not only the kids, the whole family can enjoy.

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More Amusement Parks in Chennai

Kishkintha : Situated 5 kms from Tambaram Bus Stand, and set in a 120 acres, this beautiful theme park is landscaped with lakes and hills, makes it a real green paradise. Kishkintha bears the name of the legendary monkey kingdom in the Hindu epic Ramayana where lots of fun and joy reigns. Water Volcano, Wave Pool, Slides, Rain Disco, train ride, flume ride, white water ride, etc are just some of the entertainments you can expect here. It is the perfect getaway for the city people to spend sometime with their whole family in fun.

V.G.P Universal Kingdom : This amusement park is in VGP Golden Beach, situated on the East Coast Road. Set in carefully landscaped terrain, with luxuriant gardens, paved walkways, gushing and sparkling fountains, this park provides rides like Carousels, Water Duck, Revolving Cups, Baby Train, Jumping Frog, Helicopter, Alaudin, Jump-in-Star - for children. Super Trooper, Chair-o-Plane,Roller Coaster, Dashing Cars, Euro Bungee, Water Chute, Mixer, Hydro Bike Go- Karting etc for youth. Family rides are also available like Aero ship, Orbiter, Roller Coaster,Giant wheel, Balloon Racer,Break Dance, Super jet.

MGM Dizzee World : Situated near Mahabalipuram, this is one of the best amusement parks in Chennai. Aqua slide, Chinna Kutrallam, Zipdip, wave pool, waterplay station, Tornado, Roll 'o' Roll, Wave Swinger, MGM Express, Crazy Bus, Spider Spin,Nilagiri Express, Reinder Coaster, etc are some of the great entertainments there.

Queensland Amusement Park : Situated at Chennai- Bangalore Trunk Road, set on 70 acres, with well planned ambience and the most scintillating rides, Queensland Amusement Park is great place for the family to enjoy a holiday. Cable Car, Centrox,Free Fall Tower, Alpen Blitz, Himalayan Water Ride (Asia's one of the largest water rides) and Other Water Slides - all make this a great place to spend a fun-filled holiday.

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