Elliots Beach, Chennai 

Elliots Beach is located in Besant Nagar, 60 kms away from Chennai. It is also known as Besant Nagar beach. 

If you are looking for a very clean beach, Elliot's beach is for you. It is a very clean beach and good for those who love a secluded beach to sun bathe at. It has been a favourite haunt of foreigners seeking a secluded beach. 

It is a well known destination for people who seek relief from the crowded metropolitan life of the city.

Following the road along the coast down south from Marina you can reach Elliot's beach where you  can spend a few hours relaxing. It is also a popular hangout for the younger generation.

It is a pleasant beach, safe for swimming, ideal for lazy lounging and picnicking. About a kilometer to the north is a nice, clean and quiet stretch of the beach, behind the Theosophical Society headquarters. Here, the river Adyar meets the sea. It will be a favorite spot for the bird-watchers - a variety of birds like egrets, pond-herons and flamingoes are seen here. However, water sports are not available in this beach, compared to other beaches in Chennai. There is different kind of fun such as good relaxation and soothes the mind. Sitting on the beach, enjoying the endless sky and the beautiful natural surroundings, the creative person in you would wake up and transport you to a different world. 

The beach is lined with food stalls and small stores. Chinese and Malaysian restaurants are also there.

Attractions of Elliots Beach

  • The stone memorial located on the sands of the beach - a memorial for the Dutch sailor Karl Schmidt who lost his life when rescuing a drowning sailor. 
  • At the end of this beach, the famous Velankanni Church, built in the honour of Lady of Health. It is believed that Lady of Health holds miraculous powers. 
  • A Hindu temple is also there at the end of the beach - Ashtalakshmi temple, dedicated to Goddess Mahalakshmi with her eight manifestations. This deity is also known as Diety of Wealth and Peace. 

Getting there

By Air- Chennai has an airport with both domestic and international terminals. 

By Rail - Chennai is well connected by rail with the important towns and cities within and beyond the state. 

Road - State transport buses and private buses connect Chennai with the major towns and cities within the country.

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