Thirunavaya Temple

Thirunavaya Temple is located on the banks of Bharathapuzha River, the longest river in Kerala, which winds westward to the coast, at a distance of 8 km south of Tirur near Ponnani and Malappuram. The full name of the temple is Thirunavaya Nava Mukunda Temple.

Importance of Thirunavaya Temple

The Thirunavaya temple is a well known Hindu pilgrim shrine of Kerala, and i famous for Karkidaka Vavu Bali, (performing last rites of the departed). This ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Vihnu and is believed to be 6000 years old. The ritual is performed on the day of 'Amavasi' (New moon night) of Malayalam Karkitaka month which usually falls in July-August, by people in their wet clothes, after three dips in the river, for the salvation of sins and for appeasing the dead souls. Thousands of people come here to perform this ritual on this particular day and it starts by dawn.

According to legends, the shrine was the ninth one to be installed in this temple by a group of rishis. It is believed that the first eight idols disappeared as soon as they were placed there and the ninth sank to its knees before it was stopped. There is believed to be a large (bottomless) pit beneath the Deity.

There are also shrines of Lord Ganapathy and Goddess Bhagavathy here.

The important offerings by devotees to the Lord at Thirunavaya temple are Naivilakku, Thamara mala,Thali charthal, Palpayasam, Malar Para etc.

Thirunavaya represents a convergence of the Trimurtis- Lord Brahma, Lord Visnu and Lord Siva. There are three temples here, dedicated to the worship of these divine personalities, therefore the place is considered to be equal to Varnasi. The Nava Mukunda temple is in the north of the river and the temples of the other two deities are in the south of the river.


5.00 am to 11.00 am and from 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm.


The annual festival is held for ten days starting with Kodiyettam and concludes with Arattu. The last three days are very important and are with great celebration. The festival is held in Meenam (March-April).

The other important days are Niraputhari, Ekadasi, Kuchela Dinam, Navarathri pooja etc.

The well known Mamankam Festival was held here, a festival held once in 12 years. The 28-day fair brought visitors from great distances, many arriving by ship to Ponnani Port. The last of such Mamankams was held in 1755.

Reaching there

By Air - Nearest airport Cochin International Airport

By Train - Nearest railway station Tirur

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