Thirunallar Saneeswaran Temple

Thirunallar Saneeswaran Temple is located 5 km west of Karaikal near Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. This ancient temple is a Navagraha temple, constructed in 7th century AD. The main deity is Dharbarenyeswarar, (Swayambu Lingam)and the other deities are Lord Saturn, Sri Pranambigai, Sri Thiagarajar and Sri Vinayagar.

People from different parts of the country visit here to get the blessings of Lord Saneeswaran, for getting rid of their sani dosham.

This place is situated in the midst of rivers - Arasalaru in the south, and two rivers Noolaru and Vanchiaru in the north. 

According to legends, King Nala was relieved of his affliction of Lord Saneeswaran after worshipping the Lord here, in this temple. Since then it is believed that those who visit Lord Saneeswaran in this temple will be relieved of their sufferings. 

When the Planet Saturn transits between zodiac signs, literally millions of people throng this shrine to get blessings.

Main festivals of the Saneeswaran temple

  • Adi Pooram (July-August)
  • Vinayaga Chathurthi (August-September)
  • Navarathri Kolu, Ambu festival (September-October) 
  • Soorasamharam festival (October-November) 
  • Thiruvathirai festival (Dec-Jan)
  • Sivarathri festival (Feb-March)
  • Bhrahmotsavam festival (Vaikasi)
  • Sanipeyarchi festival

Reaching Saneeswaran Temple 

Tiruchirapalli is the nearest Airport (168 kms)

Nagore is the nearest Railway station (10 kms)

Karaikal is well connected by bus (both State Transport and private buses). 

Distance from - Nagapattinam - 19 kms 
Velankanni - 26 kms,
Kumbakonam - 64 kms 
Chennai - 294 kms 
Bangalore - 329 kms

Those who wish to visit all the 9 Navagraha temples there in one day can do so with the help of a taxi (approx.Rs.3000-3500)

Hotel accommodation around Saneeswaran Temple at Kumbakonam

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