Kerala Souvenirs

What Kerala Souvenirs to take on your return? This is a question for every traveler to Kerala at the time of the completion of their tour.

There are several things which are unique to Kerala to take with you as Kerala souvenirs, which reflect the culture, history, art and socio-religious aspects of this enchanting land. You can enjoy your souvenir shopping. Some of the unique items are mentioned here.

  • Aranmula Kannadi - a metal mirror unique to Kerala.
  • Kasavu Sari - traditional attire of Kerala
  • Handicraft products made from coconut shells,wood, clay and cane.
  • Nettipattom
  • Nettoor petti (traditional jewelry box)
  • Nilavilakku (Brass lamp)
  • Mural Paintings
  • Ravi Varma Paintings
  • Kathakali showpiece
  • Chundan vallom showpiece
  • Ramacham Vishari (a handmade fan)
  • Coir products
  • Spices

These are available in Culture Shoppe, an official agency of Kerala Govt Tourism, as well as other shops in Kerala.

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