Jackfruit Recipe 

Jackfruit Recipe called Jackfruit Bajji is a variety dish, which can be used as an evening snack with Tea/coffee.  Jackfruit is a super food. It can be used as tender Jackfruit, raw jackfruit or ripe fruit.

How to make Jackfruit Bajji -

Get a small tender jackfruit (idichakka) and keep it on a newspaper so that sticky substance from its bottom will fall down and dry.

Before starting with the jackfruit work, smear your palms with few drops of coconut oil so that your palms can be spared from becoming too messy. 

Cut the jackfruit  into half, which subsequently cut into smaller pieces. Remove the sticky substance and then the outer surface. Also remove the centre part.

You can take a portion of these jackfruits to prepare bajji and the remaining can be used for the preparation of idichakka thoran (a side dish) or as the main curry with the masalas. 

For the preparation of the jackfrui bajjis, cut these further  into 2" size pieces which should be very thin.  Then parboil it in a cooker. 

Keep a batter ready with besan flour, 1 or two green chillies (as per your taste) cut into thin pieces, few chopped curry leaves, 1/2 tsp. turmeric powder, 1/2 tsp. chilli powder, salt, and required water. Dip the parboiled jackfruit pieces in the batter and deep fry them.  When one side is cooked well turn them and fry the other side too.  

During the tender jackfruit season these bajjis can be made and used as an evening snack.  Please also take time to watch the video at the bottom. 

Every one knows that Jackfruit has several health benefits. Let us find out what are they.

Health Benefits of Jackfruit

Jackfruit is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, electrolytes,
fat, protein, fibres and phytonutrients. It also contains calories, but is
free of saturated fats.

- Promotes hair growth
-Prevents cancer
-Alters immunity
-Improves digestion
-Maintains blood pressure
-Improves eye sight
-Reduces aging
-Improves bone health
-Reduces anaemia

Watch this video -Jackfruit Health Benefits & Jackfruit Bajji

Not only the fruits of jackfruit, even the seeds can also be used for making various delicacies.  Fipe fruit can be used for various mouth watering recipes like Chakka ada  and chakka payasam. 

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