by Irshad ahemad ab. Habib
(Adgaon buzurg)

My village name is ADGAO BUZURG (Bk.) Tq. Telhara dist. Akola in Maharashtra. Very peaceful life in my village. Adgaon bk. is a very nice place n green place. There are two types people living in adgao. Muslims and hindus these people are living very kindness and happiness each other. People in adgaon are generally poor farmers. There are so many Qureshi in adgaon ex. Irshad ahemad ABDUL HABIB, Altamash, Shoeb, Israr, Nasir, Mohsin, Waseem, Aslam, Aejaz, Shahzad, Waheed, Fareed, and two teachers also Ab. Saeed sir and Ab. Sajid sir. This colony name is QURESH NAGAR. Schools and hospitals are available in adgaon. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Urdu High School and Muhammadiya Childrens Urdu school situated in adgaon. There are shops and kirana also available here. Tawakkal general stores, razique kirana and Zohra anti's mini dukan. Tawakkal stores is very famous in Adgaon like Irshad ahmad.

Please adgaon buzurg me ek bar to zarur aiye thanks.

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