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Ayurveda, a natural answer to our ill-health, has been offering much relief from time immemorial to humanity. Perfected over centuries by our venerable and learned sages, who on keenly observing, mimicked and unfolded nature's many secrets, through herbal medicines.

Many of the common ailments are easily cured by these ancient form of Herbal medicines. In India, Ayurvedic medicine made from herbs have long been used for health and long life. The roots, leaves, bark, fruits, flowers, stem, seeds or any part of the plant can be used for making herbal medicines. Many of these herbs are found in forests and hillsides, and some are cultivated in gardens.

Herbal Remedies from Ayurveda

Herbage, an Ayurvedic firm based in Coimbatore, India, has manufactured some great products for some of the common ailments.

1. Herbal Hair Oil for Migraine. This hair oil from Herbage helps in curing migraine and its recurrent attacks.

Migraine - Migraine is a worldwide problem, affecting millions of people. It is a recurring disorder, where seeing, speech and feeling faculties/centres in the brain are temporarily affected. Most of the patients get early warning of the impending headache, followed by the sensation of pricking with pins and needles and numbness in one hand or one side of the face, sometimes even of the tongue, making speech slurred and difficult,unable to think perfectly. Many find headache aggrevated by noise and light.

2. Mridula for Skin Care - Another great product from Herbage. It is a multipurpose cream for skin care, made from medicinal herbs. Mridula is helpful in healing various skin problems including Psoriasis. A handy cream for every household.

3. Keepfit for Fitness. - Another great product from Herbage is Keepfit for keeping good health. These are Herbal Health Biscuits, Cookies to suit the health conscious people of the new millennium. 

These medicines are formulated after extensive research. They are easy to use, economical and result oriented.

If you would like more information about our Herbal products, please contact herbage41000@yahoo.com

 OR write to -

Herbal Research Centre 
F.352, TNHB Units, V.V. Nagar, 
Ganapathy Maa Nagar 
Coimbatore 641 006 
Phone: 09442920228 or 0422 2513668 
Email - herbal41@yahoo.com

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