Beaches in Andhra Pradesh

The beaches in Andhra Pradesh are usually very attractive. Andhra Pradesh is home for some of the most scenic beaches in India. Boasting with a long stretch of nearly 1000-kms of naturally enriched coastline, eight districts of Andhra Pradesh are having direct access to the sea with breathtaking beauty of blue waters. The beauty of these beaches lies in their nature. They are pure and unspoiled, and and can be considered for your best family beach vacation. 

Some of the popular beaches in Andhra Pradesh –

Baruva Beach 
Baruva beach is located  near the confluence of the Mahendra Tanaya river and the Bay of Bengal seain the district of Srikakulam.   It is also 70 kms away from the neighbouriing Odisha. There is a lighthouse and a few old temples here. 

Bheemunipatnam Beach is located in Vishakhapatanam (Vizag) and it is popularly known as Bheemili. 

Ramakrishna Beach located in Vishakhapatnam, is a beautiful beach.  It takes its name from the Ramakrishna Mission and the Kali Temple across the road from the beach. The rock jutting into the sea at a distance is called the Dolphin’s Nose because of its shape.

Manginapudi Beach is located 11 km from Machilipatnam. 

Mypad Beach is situated in Nellore Dist and 130 km from Tirupati, with lush greenery and long stretches of silver sand and one of the most picturesque beach of Andhra.  The speedboats are the newst addition here. 

Rishikonda Beach located 8 kms from Vizag, is a virgin beach.

Kakinada-Uppada Road Beach about 5 km away from Kakinada town. 

Kalingapatnam beach is located in Srikakulam District and has now been developed into a beach resort by Andhra Pradesh Tourism. 
Kottapatnam beach is located about 18 km from Ongole, offers a clean environment. 

Motapalle beach is situated is about 12 km away from Chinaganjam and 45 km from Ongole, offering scenic beauty. 

Perupalem beach is located quite close to Narsapur town in West Godavari District. 

Suryalanka Beach is located 9 km from Bapatla. 

Almost all the above beaches are good for considering family beach vacation ideas. 

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