Ayurveda Treatments

Ayurveda is one of the oldest healing systems of the world, and it is originated from India thousands of years ago. 

It is focussed on creating good health by following certain criteria based on ayurvedic system.

Many people consider ayurveda as an alternative medicine.

ayurveda medicine

Types of Ayurveda treatments

The treatments are based on -

a) Vata Dosha

b) Pitha Dosha

c) Kapha Dosha 

For Vata dosha patients, diseases like asthma, anxiety, heart disease, nervous disorders, rheumatoid arthritis and skin problems are likely to develop. 

For Pitha dosha patients, diseases like high blood pressure, heart diseases, anger and negative emotions, Crohn's disease etc. are likely to develop. 

For Kapha dosha patients, diseases like breathing disorders, cancer, nausea after food, diabetes and obesity are developed and appropriate treatments are given. 

More details at - 

Webmd.com and Ayurvedatreatments.net

For each disease, the physician (Ayurvedic vaidyan) has to know what type of dosha is the patient's problem. Only then he can prescribe the correct treatment.

Usually June-July is the best time for ayurveda treatments like pizhichil etc. 

For almost all health issues, ayurveda has a treatment using various herbs sometimes as a single herb or other times mixed with other herbs.

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