Ayurveda Diet

For a healthy living, ayurveda diet is very helpful, Health vs Wealth.   In today's fast paced life, more stress is created and people tend to neglect their life without giving importance to the diet. No matter how busy you are, while using Ayurveda, diet is to be followed strictly to get the best results.  Hence, it is recommended that the diet is an essential factor in ayurvedic treatment, to get long and healthy hair.

Those who have embraced Ayurveda diet plans into their lifestyles and have altered their daily routines for the better,  are usually experiencing a healthy assimilation of their mind, body and soul.

Some useful books on Ayurveda Diet

Ayurveda has categorized food into three types -

1) Satvic or spiritual quality - Enriching and elevating.

2) Rajasic or active quality - has a basic tendency to provoke man to a materialistic and selfish way of living.

3)Tamasic or material quality. - This type of food may provoke a man to lead a devilish quality of life.

Since Ayurveda focuses more on the healthy living and well being the following points to be considered for a healthy ayurveda diet.

  • Nutritional quality contained in the food.
  • The effect of consuming the food in a particular season.
  • The climatic condition where the food is grown prepared and consumed.
  • The effect of different food combination consumed
  • Use of artificial flavors, chemicals, preservatives and colors.
  • The quantity of a particular food consumed

Apart from the above, ayurveda also advises to follow a regular timing for food to lead a healthy life.

According to the Ayurveda, there are both positive and negative attributes of diet.

Many of the ayurveda practitioners also believe in following strict vegetarian diet to get the best results.  The vegetarian diet consisting of fruits and vegetables are rich in dietary fibres that reduce the chances of serious diseases like coronary heart diseases, intestinal tract cancer, piles, obesity, diabetes, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and gallstones.

What is benefit of following ayurveda diet?

Diet in ayurveda plays an important factor in dealing with the following -

  • Better health
  • Better digestion, metabolism and elimination
  • Improved sleep, concentration and memorry
  • Strong immune system
  • Controlled weight 

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