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Adilabad Attractions,Adilabad Vacation,
Adilabad tourist spots

Adilabad town is the headquarter of Adilabad District, in Telengana.  It was earlier known as Ethlabad. Adilabad was ruled by many dynasties in the bygone era like Mughals, Mauryas, Satvahanas and Chalukyas.

Located on the northern boundary of Andhra Pradesh and sharing borders with Maharashtra, Adilabad is a great tourist destination of Telegana with gushing waterfalls, invigorating rivers like Penganga, Godavari, Pranahita and Kadem, and interesting wildlife. Major rivers like Godavari, Penganga and Pranahitha flow through this region. 

Adilabad Attractions for Tourists

  • Kuntala Waterfalls, near Kuntala - 58 kms from Adilabad, in the middle of the Sahyadri mountain range near Neredikonda village. This is the highest waterfall in Telengana and cascades down through two steps from a rocky platform. 
  • Pochera Falls  - 22 kms from Kuntala falls, and 50 kms from Adilabad, this is apretty water fall on Kadam River.
  • Nirmal, a little town which is popular for the natural paintings
  • Saraswathi Temple in Basara - 158 kms from Hyderabad and 35 kms from Nizabad, on the banks of River Godavari. 
  • Kadam Dam
  • Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Shivaram wildlife sanctuary – This sanctuary is known for its crocodiles, foxes monkeys, and spotted deer.
  • Pranahita wildlife sanctuary
  • Gayathri Falls
  • Kanakai Falls
  • Sri Narayana Swamy Temple - 22 kms away from Adilabad railway station.

Distance from Hyderabad - 300 kms

Distance from Nizamabad - 152 kms

Reaching There

By Air - The nearest Airport is Hyderabad. (280 kms away)

By Rail - It has a railway station on the Mudkhed-Adilabad meter gauge line of the South Central Railway.

By Road - Adilabad is connected to the main cities of Andhra Pradesh by Road.

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