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Travel Tips India - Vacations can be fun and stress-free if tourists observe a few basic tips when traveling in other countries. Respecting the culture and practices of the place is important. People will then respond with courtesy and friendliness.

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Outfit  - 

  • Light cotton clothing is best suited for India except when one is traveling to the North, in winter.
  • Modest attire (no "see through" material please) is recommended. What is permissible or fashionable in the West may invite unnecessary attention and provoke Eve-teasers. This is one of the main travel tips India to be considered.
  • Use a hat or a cap in the daytime to prevent sunstroke. Carry sun block lotion with you and use it as required.
  • Footwear is taboo in temples and sacred places. 


  • Wayside food should be avoided however tempting the fare.
  • Carry a bottle of mineral water always with you and don't share it with others.
  • Take it easy with Indian food. Don't tuck into a spicy meal as soon as you arrive. But sample one small portion of a dish at a time over the next few days, until your taste buds begin to savour the spices.
  • Don't accept drinks or edibles from those who pose as well wishers or friends. This might just be an invitation to theft, rape or murder, irrespective of age. 


  • Keep your money and your passport in a flat pouch and wear it close to your heart. Keep just enough money for your immediate needs in your wallet.
  • Cash your money only at licensed or registered foreign exchange counters. Don't be tempted by touts who will offer tempting exchange rates.
  • Beware of conmen who haunt tourist spots looking for gullible victims. They come in all guises - slick and savvy or like clinging pests that cannot be shaken off. 


  • Hotels should be chosen for safety and cleanliness and not primarily for low tariffs. Cheap places can be unhygienic and unsafe.
  • Always keep the door of your hotel room locked when you are inside. Don't chit chat with waiters, and let them get too familiar. Be polite but not overly friendly. It is one of the main travel tips in India.
  • Avoid going out alone in the dark. It is always good to travel with a companion or in a group. Pubs can be unsafe for single ladies. Traveling alone in taxis at night is not recommended unless the taxi has been arranged by the hotel where you stay. Public transport may be better
  • Avoid isolated places even in the day time.
  • Beggars and hawkers can be a nuisance. Opening your purse in their presence could be imprudent.
  • Flirting with the opposite sex or quarreling should be avoided. Direct eye contact in an argument might provoke the offender to take it as a challenge. If stalked, report to the nearest police station.
  • Photography is prohibited in certain places. Sometimes a fee is charged for permission to use cameras. Rules must be followed.
  • Passing adverse comments on local rituals and practices will not be well received.

Most Indians in cities and towns speak English. So language may not be a big problem. Indians are known for their hospitality and kindness. Enrich your minds by learning, observing and appreciating this vibrant multilingual, multicultural country, and take back with you memories that will linger in your mind for all time, observing these travel tips India.

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These travel tips are provided by Eva Bell, Medical doctor, Freelance writer of Articles, Short Stories and Children's Stories.