Top Important Hotel Facilities

My Top points to look for in a Hotel accommodation

Whenever we book a hotel accommodation we look for certain criteria that fulfill our need, apart from the hotel reviews. It has always helped us our stay in a hotel most comfortable and enjoyable.


The location is an important factor one has to look for while booking a hotel room. It should be in a location which has great connectivity to the airport and for bus service. Otherwise it will take away a huge amount in your budget travel. Availability of taxis and nearby restaurants can also be considered as important in choosing your accommodation.

Helpful staff:

If the hotel staff are friendly and helpful that will go a long way in choosing the best accommodation. If you are in need of a taxi they can tell you how much it will cost, hail you a taxi, explain to you their honest opinions about the the nearby sightseeing places etc. If you reach early or late they can accommodate you without a problem, and if you want extend your stay will help you without hesitation. I certainly consider this as one of the important hotel facilities.


The hotel may look great, but if it stands behind cleanliness what is the use of it? So I think more than a look of the hotel, cleanliness is important to look for. Even if it is an old or cheap hotel if they are known for their cleanliness that will be a great place to stay. After all in a hotel what one expects - apart from a television and a phone, a clean room, noise-free room, clean curtains, clean toilet, the availability of hot water, and a safety door. A refrigerator will definitely be an added bonus. With these basic things even a budget hotel can make your stay enjoyable. From my experience, I consider this as one of the important hotel facilities.

Internet access:

Though it is not an absolute necessity for a common person it is important for a person who really needs internet access. Many good hotels provide free wi-fi access. So for a person who greatly depends upon internet access this facility is highly important. Otherwise you will have to walk around looking for a cyber cafe, which will always be not feasible, and unnecessary spending your valuable time.

Swimming pool:

Swimming pool is not an absolute necessity. But if you are travelling with kids it will be a great idea to have a pool in the same hotel where you stay, so that your kids can enjoy there.

Great view:

I know a great view is not so important. But if you are lucky to find a room with a great view, especially if your destination is a sea-side or lake-side place, or a beautiful city, or near a temple it will be certainly an added bonus for your stay. An early morning gaze through a window from your hotel room can mesmerize you, and will always remain in your mind. I remember during our stay in a hotel in Guruvayur, I used to get up very early and watch the long Que of the people in East Nada waiting for the Lord's darshan. During our New York visit we took a hotel near Newark airport, I used to enthusiastically gaze at the innumerable number of planes landing and taking off there. Likewise, when we stayed in Zanzibar Island, I used to get up early just to enjoy the early morning scene in the Indian Ocean. These are special gems of moments to preserve in my mind. So I don't find anything wrong in considering a great view from your hotel room as one of the important hotel facilities.

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